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I've actually made it to generation 3! It's kind of a miracle.… - Sara Darling [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sara Darling

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[Jan. 3rd, 2017|08:26 pm]
Sara Darling

I've actually made it to generation 3! It's kind of a miracle.

This random ass picture of a dormie playing the violin welcomes you in~

This picture exists...why....i don't know

Nevena has upgraded from throwing drinks in Pharoah's face to full on brawling. In the showers.

Also now the sim vac lives in the dorms for my sims to steal skills from their enemies.


Chaya and Euthymia's relationship is progressing nicely.

Very very nicely

Since Darcy and Chloe can't hang out without arguing (despite being attracted to each other), I decided to see who else the hacked crystal ball said had chemistry with Darcy. This is Iovita.

She doesn't seem that impressed tbh

These kids and their fucking mahjong

Thanks Peter

I guess Darcy doesn't like Pharoah either??




Hey...you guys...she's standing right fucking there

That's a pretty impressive amount of dormies all passed out at the same time.

Chaya has played so much mahjong that she managed to max out game enthusiasm. So now she glows when I make her play chess for class skill points.

They all play until they are literally about to pass out. Every fucking time.

And then they all graduated! I know I didn't post pictures of each semester's grades but tbh I forgot to take screenshots of them lol
Anyways here is adult Minu

Adult Nevena

Adult Chaya, who is heir.

And Adult Darcy, who is also heir because why the fuck not

Also I fucking suck and didn't screencap either of my heir's LTWs. And in game they are both already dead. I know Darcy's was to reach the top of the military career but Chaya's??? I have no clue. I think it was to graduate 2 kids from college or something else not career related.

Oh yeah Niobe is still working on reaching her LTW

Pharoah stopped by to steal the newspaper.

And instead of just running away down the sidewalk with it, he ran THROUGH the house, out the back door, and then around the house and down the sidewalk.

Chaya calls Euthymia up and she comes over and they get married


Darcy does the same with Chloe

His parents seem to want to steal the spotlight lol

Whoa damn Chloe. Nice.

This is Chloe's LTW. Actually pretty doable if I don't have her get a job and I remember to actually do it.

I didn't cap Euthymia's but it was to woohoo with 20 different sims. A bit harder than Chloe's, but still doable if she doesn't get a job and I remember.

lmao fucking good going. you somehow FROZE while you were in the hot tub.

Oh yes, by all means, just waltz on the back porch in your bathing suits in the middle of winter.

Looks like gen 3 is on it's way

Since I'm doing double heirs, they each are going to have 2 kids apiece. Which means these two need to get on with the babymaking

Typical cat.

Jerkface got old :(

Chloe's one of *those* sims that celebrates every time they get home from work. She won't get a chance to do it anymore because she quit her job right after this.

Lucius had a birthday and they look pretty much exactly the same.

I like how the cats are watching the cat-person dance.

REALLY?? Your daughter is *right there*


A random shot of Whisper, being puzzled by a vending scene, for no apparent reason.
(I honestly don't know why. There are no shots before or after it with any of my playables in it to explain wtf was going on)

Pure fucking class, Darcy

Chaya went on a grocery run, I was trying to have her run into one of the witches.

She learned how to break dance, which was hilarious, but never found any of the witches :(

Darcy finally got his LTW job!

Gotta get started on Euthymia's LTW

She got sent Kateri here, who is fucking adorable and should be in my legacy someday.

No thanks, that would cut into the time she has for her extramarital activities!



oh fUCK

Guess who doesn't have a burglar alarm because I forgot??

Luckily they all have cell phones because all my sims get them as soon as they become teens. I woke Chaya up to call the cops.

The hot tub? You're going to steal the hot tub?? That's a pretty impressive bag of holding you've got there.

Creepy Maxis alien faced cop to the rescue!!

or fucking not...

yes, you should be ashamed

Chloe's got to have some dates too. Hers is so easy because all I have to do is have the matchmaker summon her a blind date, have them greet each other, and then end the date.

She got this dude who I think is a professor.

They talked about elephants I guess??

Pop #2!! Neither Chloe or Euthymia's dresses have preg morphs whoops

Darcy gets a promotion but somehow his week was just "so-so"

That's not yours. I'm pretty sure that's Euthymia's.

Niobe gets old! I didn't take a close up shot but just like Lucius, she looks pretty much exactly the same.

These two talking about marriage cracks me up


Giving birth right next to some moldy rotten bowls, pure class.

It's a girl, Eurydice

Please do not smustle on the baby :(

Well...this sure is interesting. Especially considering that when Chaya got a blind date from the matchmaker as a teen, it was Chloe.

Oh you're kinda cute, where'd you come from?

Euthymia, you were in the room with Chloe when she gave birth

Speaking of giving birth... (and in the same fucking room and the same spot as Chloe)

A boy with skin I do not like because it's too damn shiny, Aleksei

It's good to see that the Blackmoth tradition of spectacular parenting is continuing

And that's it for this update! I'll be posting downloads for Niobe and the gen 2 kids on my tumblr soon. Lucius won't be posted because I didn't make them, I downloaded them from someone else. Thanks for reading!