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My slow ass is finally posting another Fledermaus update! I… - Sara Darling [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sara Darling

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[Dec. 30th, 2016|04:53 pm]
Sara Darling

My slow ass is finally posting another Fledermaus update! I believe this will be the second to last one.

Azra being a little shit and jumping on the couch welcomes you in

Having given up on ever getting any sort of attention, it seems Philomena has decided to try and bathe herself in the toilet.

Maeve totally cheats at chess.


Enzo got it into his head that at the tender age of 10, he really needed to study physiology.

I honestly don't know what happened between the previous picture and this one.

Philomena is just weird looking. IDK there's something off about her.

Maeve is such a sweet sister to Kayin! I'd watch out if I were you, Maeve. He won't be that tiny forever.

Birthday time for Philo and Kayin!!

But first Enzo has an important message. That's nice kid, but you're still failing elementary school.

Philo's first act as a kid was to pee herself. Winners are abundant in this family.

See what I mean?

She's still got something off about her face.
Also apparently there's no post makeoever picture of Kayin LOL

Philo: BIRD

Told you that would come back to bite you in this ass, Maeve.

Someone...managed a good grade?

Rin is just racking up the promotions I guess

Aww I love it when they don't get along

This family just loves bathing in the broken bath tubs.


You never do your homework! When I direct you to do it, you do it for like 5 minutes and then get up and do something else!!

Maeve: *indignant shock and outrage*
Yeah jeez I have no clue what you did to deserve that, Maeve.

They're really serious about their hate-on for each other.

While Rin apparently couldn't care less that two of her kids are beating the shit out of each other. She'd rather play catch with some kid one of them dragged home from school.

Uma is making her way back up the criminal career track after being demoted from level 10 to level 1

And Maeve emerges victorious!!

And then suddenly, birthdays. Which I failed to document.
Anyways, here are Maeve's stats.


And Azra's. Who I apparently didn't pick a secondary asp for

Rin Hey could we focus a bit more on me here please? I mean I won the heir poll, these updates should be about ME.

Eh, sorry Rin, but you're sort of boring these days.

Anyways, makeovers!


And Enzo!!

I'm not sure you know much about math considering you're about to flunk out of high school.

Also, one of the reasons Enzo was failing was because I couldn't find his fucking homework. I finally found SOME of it next to one of those weird plants but I couldn't find the rest. The others are failing because they always cancel the do homework command out of their queues.

Maeve decided to sunbathe and got a sunburn L O L

Having a mod that gets rid of the dust cloud that happens when sims fight is both hilarious and frightening.

I can't tell if the maid is watching the fight or just really needs to poop

Oh yeah, here are some gender prefs for the teens. Just so I don't forget what they are.

After you made that face at her, I can't imagine why she doesn't want to play red hands with you

There are plenty of beds. Find one.

The Fleders have some fruit trees that I always forget about so they're always all sickly which is why Enzo is out spraying them in the middle of the night.

Kayin dreams of the delivery person...

Apparently the rest of the family had to follow Enzo outside to hang out.

Then this cute little kitty named Dina came by so I had Uma play with her

And then adopt her! Because with 4 dogs what they totally needed was a cat.

She immediately proves to be a little shit by scratching...whatever it is she is scratching.

Ah. I see. The plant she can't reach is what she was scratching. Whatever you say, The Sims 2.

Well doesn't that look tasty. I'm beginning to think Enzo isn't too bright.

Kayin's still pissed about that fight he lost like 2 years ago. Get over it little dude.

Gossiping about one of the dogs? Is that the best you've got?

So here's when I got bored with them. IDK why I was just like, this is boring I hate this I'm going to spice things up. So I decided to kill off the next 3 NPCs to visit their lot. Because according to me, ghosts make the game more fun.

The first victim was the gardener.

Somehow a satellite fell on top of her when she got out of her truck.

Death #1!

Watching people die makes Philo hungry.

Oh look, it's the maid! I wonder how he's doing this morning.

Oh wow, that flu must have been worse than he thought it was.

Grim's like "again? Really???"

The timing of this picture is everything.

I like to think they are placing bets on who will die next.

More promotion

Philomena is boring so I don't pay much attention to her. Your showing off won't do anything for you as far as being heir goes. Because A. I don't choose and B. You aren't one of the oldest 3 so you had no chance anyways.

And on that very abrupt note, this update is over! Next update will more than likely be the last for my gen and I will try not to let months go by.