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Hello and welcome to another installment of the legacy that… - Sara Darling [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sara Darling

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[Oct. 12th, 2016|10:29 pm]
Sara Darling

Hello and welcome to another installment of the legacy that probably no one reads(but I dont care about that!)!

Last time we didn't get a good look at a madeover, teenage Darcy so here you go.

Niobe wanted to become a werewolf so the batbox and I let that dream come true. She took advantage of it to serve some moldy chili cheese dogs. Thanks Niobe!!

lmao poor Darcy

Minu plays fetch with the LOTP. Because that's totally safe and all.

Chaya finally learned where her bed is but she doesn't do much sleeping in it.

Jerkface needed to learn "roll over" for a promotion so Niobe taught them how.

Then somehow, her being a werewolf caused her to lose her eyebrows and face spots. I just don't know????

So I cured her.

Chaya's birthday!!!

Aspirations and turns ons and turn off

ughhhh she is so pretty!!!

this is a great way to make friends, Darcy

Niobe was getting old way too fast for my liking so I gave her some of that elixir of life


Chaya brought a "friend" home from school

She also really wanted to go on a date so I called the matchmaker. They'd just moved into a new house and had like no money so this was all I could afford.

Ok look I know I have hardly any teen townies but an adult??? Really??
(the fact that its this particular adult is sort of funny later)


Chloe: RECYCLING!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Darcy seems to be having pretty good luck with his "friend" from school.

Even though the juicy Sparkle Bay gossip seems to be about his mom burning a meal. SCANDALOUS.

Hey Morrigan what are you doing here??

Errr ok but the thing is you're not even related to Grady...

They got a new cat!

Chaya brought another "friend" home from school and wanted to ask her on a date so I obliged...

First kiss!!

While all of this was going down, Niobe got a promotion

Lucius also got a promotion

WTF are you reading, Minu??

Oh just some smut. Carry on then.

Niobe practices yelling at the mirror...er I mean her speeches

I'm not sure that's entirely appropriate, but ok

Kitties :D

Chaya's girlfriend is not a very coordiatnated dancer


I don;t even know what happened here

Jerkface and Meowbucket had kittens


ugh these two. i will be sad to see them go

The twins that you barely saw had their birthday! Here is Nevena.

And here is Minu!

And that ends this update, thanks for reading!