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I've been trying to post this update for like a week lol… - Sara Darling [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sara Darling

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[Sep. 1st, 2016|05:28 pm]
Sara Darling

I've been trying to post this update for like a week lol

And we start off in the same way we ended last time. With a stellar example of parenting.

And Niobe finally gets her LTW job!

More babies are on the way!

Please put that baby down, it is not yours.

I didn't document it but Darcy had a birthday!

He's a charming, happy toddler. Clearly.

OMFG what are you doing, go inside

Potty training faaaaaaaaaaaaace

Poor Niobe is not having a very easy pregnancy this time.

lmao oh girl

It's time!!

Just one bab.

This is Chaya!


Another birthday for Darcy! I don't know how he managed to grow up well.

The worst part about having a house without a foundation is the toddlers constantly escape. I guess Chaya had a birthday. What is with me not documenting this stuff??

I'd make that face if my teeth were cutting through my chin too.

Niobe starts a lot of fires.

Here's a closeup of Darcy as a child. He's so fucking adorable.

And a better picture of Chaya

Darcy taught Jerkface to speak so she could get a promotion.

I have no idea why she is crying.

lmao he is so not thrilled about more babies (yes Niobe is pregnant again)

That faaaaaaaaaaace

No one made you eat that.

Gosh how dare Niobe interrupt your beauty sleep with her loud birthing!!

Oh boy.

Niobe and Lucius had the same reaction to having twins lol

Two girls, Minu

And Nevena.

Time for all hell to break loose.

Bunny from my survivor challenge is in this hood aged down to a child because I didn't feel like making new townies

Some promotions also Niobe is having an awful week. Poor bb.

Random teenager stopped by to swing Darcy around. Ok.

Chaya had a birthday! She's so adorable. She also grew up badly.

And then passed out right in front of an empty bed.

So much angst.

These two are so adorable <3

Another cute townie kid

Darcy might throw a lot of temper tantrums but he's also kind of winning at life.

The twins that we haven't seen since they were born had birthdays!

And Chaya had a temper tantrum.

Oh joy.

Poor Lucius



The toilet story makes a comeback.

Ugh all the toys you have and you play in the gross ass toilet.

Their nanny loves flower crowns apparently.

Chaya and Darcy brought friends home from school and they spent the entire time playing chess with each other.

Niobe finally gets to go to work and gets a promotion.

Poor Lucius can't get any sleep :(

Why are you mean mugging, Darcy?

No surprises there

She's so pretty!!

She also grew up poorly. And I apparently didn't take a makeover shot of her.

I forgot to put in a PT replacement set and this scared the fuck out of me

Darcy continues to win at life.

Aspirations and turn ons and turn off. And that's all for now because guess what? I got called into work lmaoooo


[User Picture]From: lovelyxwow
2016-09-04 01:33 am (UTC)

also what cute kids ahh
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: thathorrorbat
2016-10-13 12:27 am (UTC)
choosing an heir was really hard!! they're all so cute.
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