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Ok first of all I hate the way imgur is set up now I HATE IT Second… - Sara Darling [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sara Darling

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[Aug. 2nd, 2016|01:08 am]
Sara Darling

Ok first of all I hate the way imgur is set up now I HATE IT
Second of all let's see if one of my legacies makes it past gen 2 lol I know I have a bad track record but ANYWAYS

Meet Niobe Blackmoth! The lucky founder of my newest legacy, set on an alien planet in a town I have stupidly named Sparkle Bay. My dumb little backstory is that humans, er, sims, have to leave Earth for whatever reason, have settled on this planet which was already home to many alien races and have intermixed with them so now it's not uncommon for a blue baby to be born to two parents who have "normal" human skin tones. Also the sand is purple and that's neat too.

Niobe is a knowledge sim and I'm awful and forget her secondary. It might be popularity. I just don't know.

Anyways, here is her brilliant starter "home" aka she has a tent and a bunch of stuff she might need for skilling and eating and woohooing. The tiny building is her bathroom. I might be forcing her to sleep in a tent but I'm not cruel enough to make her pee and shower out in the open.

She immediately rolled this stupid fucking want. NOPE. You have a chess table for logic building.

She longs to become a space pirate though, so maybe that's why she wants the telescope???

She immediately gravitated towards the easel which is good because paintings = money. But there's no time for that, she's got to get her spouse hunt on.

So I sent her to the local bar, No Fun (fun fact, I stole the name from a bar here that is called that. And sort of lives up to its name). This guy was there and I have no idea wtf he is, I didn't make him.

One of her turn ons is black hair so I sent her to greet the townie you can see walking in in the last picture. She likes what she sees.


And really generous. That'll be getting sold as soon as she gets home.

I'm already in love.

Don't worry, Euthymia, I also find deciding what chips I want to be difficult and confusing.

This is so easy that it almost feels like cheating.

Putting the beer keg on community lots is always fun. Especially when townies puke all over the floor after only one drink.

They've known each other for like 5 minutes!!

Whisper showed up at some point and he and Morrigan really hit it off, which seems to make Lucius mad. Maybe they somehow know that I definitely want Morrigan in this legacy at some point and are mad that Whisper is trying to steal her away?? IDK

I sent Niobe home after that and made her dig up some stuff.

She wasn't very successful.

The Welcome Wagon was just the sim I made to play test community lots in this hood. I very creatively named her Test Sim. First she stared at Niobe in the shower.

Then helped herself to Niobe's hot dogs.


She likes them so much, it's so adorable.

It's good she likes them so much because otherwise the answers to these questions are unacceptable. She needs a house!!

Nothing like having your first time be on a dirty couch right out in the open for anyone who is walking by to see. Truly romantic.

Niobe then went to bed bc she had work in the morning and Lucius just played chess all night long.

The adventurer career wasn't available so Niobe took the military job since it paid the most and came home with a promotion yay

This quickly becomes a theme.

Morrigan walked by she is soooooooooooooo pretty ahhhh

Niobe wanted a pet so I sent her to the pet store but I guess I didn't document it. This is Jerkface. She lives up to the name.

Lucius came back over! Sry if this seems disjointed but imgur seems to have uploaded my pictures out of order so its kind of confusing figuring out what goes where ahhhh

Best friends means it is time to move in! But not enough money to build them a house yet lmao

Iovita is another townie that needs to be in this legacy.

Jerkface living up to her name

Thanks, Euthymia.

I forgot to turn off the cinematics so you get crappy cutscreen pictures of their engagement and none of the actual wedding! I'm great at this!

I'm not sure why the'yre not sleeping in the tent with their wife but ok...

Lucius also took a military job since it paid the most and their LTW is not career related (its graduate 3 kids from college. I hate playing college sometimes but its a really easy, if slightly boring LTW to complete so good for them)

I'm beginning to think there's nothing good buried on this entire 5x5 lot.

Millicent from my survivor challenge is a townie in Sparkle Bay and apparently also in the military.

With both of them getting promotions, I was able to build them a small house. Which is good because Niobe is pregnant. They still have that same shitty couch though.

Then Lucius changed jobs. Why?? I don't know?? I really don't??

I'd probably make that face too tbh.

Lucius is just racking up the promotions. Nice.

lmao I guess nothing interesting happened that entire day because here's the second pop!

I hope you enjoy eating what looks like a brick of charcoal. Y'all don't have enough money to waste food.

She was the only one home so therefore their one shower was not occupied. And it wasn't broken either (not that sims care about that, it almost seems like they gravitate towards the broken appliances)

Gen 2 is arriving!!!

Their reactions lol. Lucius is a family sim you'd think they'd be more excited.

I always hit random.

This is such a relief. There's currently no room for more than one baby.

It's a boy! His name is Darcy. I decided to actually do the infant stage in this legacy. Because I hate myself.

I'm sure this setup will work out really well for everyone involved.

She kept complaining about being smelly but she went and built a snowman. Great job.

And I will close out this update with this stunning display of parental competence! Thanks for reading.