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Hello hello! So several months ago, tragedy struck and I lost my… - Sara Darling [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sara Darling

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[Apr. 16th, 2017|06:30 pm]
Sara Darling

Hello hello! So several months ago, tragedy struck and I lost my sims 2 folder (aka one of my cats stepped on my laptop while it was open and managed to delete it) so I lost allllll the pictures from my legacy. HOWEVER, I had only posted up to 3.1 and it just so happened that I had put all the gen 2 sims up for download so I was able to recreate the Blackmoths and start over after a fashion.

Basically, just disregard the kids born at the end of the last update and we are good. This is where gen 3 really begins!

We begin with Euthymia who is very upset that her face markings no longer exist. Sorry. Too lazy to redownload them. You can deal.

I was anxious to start playing so I downloaded a furnished house that slowly gets made over. It has a poker table. I hate this poker table. It's all they ever want to do.

This is Iona Beare. She was born to the family I made to playtest this hood. She met Kevin Beare in college and they were insta triple bolters so I married them, but I really should have kept her for future Blackmoth heirs because she's so damn pretty.

Aaaaand I guess we're going to just jump right into the babies! This is Lillianne. I believe she is Chloe and Darcy's.

Really glad everyone crowded into that tiny ass bathroom to watch the birth.

Elric was also born, but no one seemed to care lol


Chloe is truly very classy.

Presented without comment.

Chloe is pregnant again!!

Stinky baby so what does Euthymia do?

Set it down on the kitchen floor of course!! A+ parenting.

Well, whatever, it's time for him to have a birthday anyways.

Awww Elric is adorable.

Lillianne had a birthday too.

And is also adorable.

More pregnancy, sorry Chaya.

The best faaaaaaaaaaaaace.
Oh and Darcy and Niobe lost their face spots in the reinstall. Whoops.

Ahh the fine legacy tradition of toddlers surviving off of kibble continues

This is the new incarnation of Jerkface. She's just as much of a jerk as the old one.

As you can see in this wonderful picture of Chloe screaming during the agony of birth, I have started redecorating a bit.

Just one again. This is Frey!

Elric, like all toddlers in my game, gets pretty neglected.

This is a pretty rough pregnancy for Chaya

Look, I don't know how you didn't make it to the toilet when it was right in front of you either. You have only yourself (and maybe your crappy AI) to blame

Chaya made it through the rest of her pregnancy with no more mishaps and gave birth to Fitz here.

While Darcy angrily gets drunk in his bathrobe in the middle of the night.

lol good luck with that, kid. Just eat some kibble like your sibling and your cousins.

Ok look STOP PUTTING BABIES THERE. Not only is it a fucking hard tile floor, but more importantly, it blocks the fridge.

Birthdays! Finally two of these little shits will be somewhat self sufficient.

But first is Frey, who won't be.

YEAH YOU BOTH GREW UP POORLY, FUCKING PARTY! I'm sure that won't come back to bite me in the ass or anything!

Frey apparently has developed the ability to levitate in order to get away from Jerkface.

While Elric celebrates his birthday by passing out on the dining room floor before I can even get a picture of him.

Lillianne though! Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

Frey is also cute. His nose looks a little odd, but he will grow into it.

Elric finally woke up from his nap on the dining room floor long enough for me to give him a makeover and take a picture. He's ok I guess.


I...I think you've got the wrong house lady.

See, I knew them growing up badly wouldn't have any negative effects!!

Nope, none at all.

Lillianne is adorable, but she's an evil brat. Therefore, I adore her.

Since they've got the lamp and are also broke as shit, I made Chaya wish for wealth.

Also, note that they live on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Fancy~

I want some of whatever Elric has been smoking

Niobe has played so much poker that now she glows while doing so.

jesus fucking christ kid

Well, that sucks, but it's better than him getting fired so I'll take it.

Fitz had a birthday which I apparently didn't care enough to document. He's um...well..idk look at him...

Ok that's better I guess

Oh a fire. Thanks for that Euthymia.

Lillianne is such a dick to her brother that it's really odd for me to see her interacting nicely with other kids.


But I can't stay mad at her.

Fitz is a very neglected, but fairly happy toddler.

Frey's birthday!

He grew up well?? How??


WOw gee this sure is surprising.

I love this interaction because it's like why?? You obviously realize that the kid is fucking stinky as hell yet you do nothing about it and then get all annoyed when they cry??

Elric has started fighting back! Good job kid.

I have no idea what that is that Lucius is serving and I don't know if I want to know.

Time for Fitz to grow up all alone, which is how he spent most of his toddlerhood.

No surprise there.

He's grown into his face though!

And I think that's a good stopping point, so I will end there. Thanks for reading!


[User Picture]From: lovelyxwow
2017-04-18 01:09 am (UTC)
Yay for new updates! I'm sorry your folder was deleted, ugh. That's the worst. But at least you can get new, pretty cc??
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